Affordable Housing as an Economic Priority

Posted By: Team

The Housing Working Group of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce has identified six housing strategies to help strengthen the economic growth of the region as part of the South Shore 2030: Choosing Our Future economic development plan.

South Shore Habitat for Humanity is a member of the Housing Working group, along with over a dozen various government agencies, non-profits, and business and municipal leaders, all with expertise in housing. The Working Group report presented to the Chamber included housing affordability as one of the six strategies, and identified it as an important factor in driving the economic growth of the region. Specifically, there is a need for smaller homes, more compact neighborhoods, and multi-family housing in order to attract more people. While the Chamber’s focus is on economic growth, they acknowledge the importance of housing and affordability, and are taking several internal steps to better advocate for housing and community development as part of their mission.

SSHH efforts to increase affordable housing on the south shore plays a crucial role in these efforts. We are pleased that the Chamber has embraced the findings of the report and look forward to continued partnership to ensure decent, affordable housing for all. To learn more about our work with the Chamber on these and other important housing issues, read the full Housing Report here.