South Shore Chamber of Commerce Endorses Feinberg Bog Road Project in Duxbury as Part of South Shore 2030 Housing Strategy

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DUXBURY and ROCKLAND, MA, ISSUED JUNE 24, 2019… South Shore Habitat for Humanity’s homes at Feinberg Bog Road in Duxbury have been recognized as a contributing project to the region’s economic competitiveness. The homes have been endorsed by the South Shore Economic Development Corporation’s Housing Committee, an arm of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. The committee recognizes projects and local initiatives that help make the region more competitive in attracting people and businesses, as part of its larger South Shore 2030: Choosing our Future regional economic and community development plan.

The project in Duxbury is located on Feinberg Bog Road and will consist of six townhomes on 3 acres on the Old Camp Wing property. The project meets the Chamber’s criteria for endorsement as it introduces a smaller square footage product at a lower price point, uses an underutilized parcel of land to the Duxbury community. The developer worked closely with the Town of Duxbury, the Affordable Housing Trust, community members and neighbors to address concerns and to introduce a thoughtful, high quality site design. These townhomes are currently under construction.

South Shore Habitat for Humanity has completed 58 homes in 21 towns, helping more than 102 adults and 200 children build a place to call home. This chapter of Habitat for Humanity serves 35 cities and towns south and southwest of Boston. “We are proud to partner with the Town of Duxbury on this project, as we are providing an opportunity for two different economic sectors to have access to housing. Three of the units will be sold to purchasers meeting 60% of the (AMI) area median income, and three units will be sold to purchasers meeting 100%,” stated Martine Taylor, executive director for South Shore Habitat for Humanity. “Every development project on the South Shore – small and large – that brings more housing to our community is essential,” said Taylor. “The Housing Committee of the Chamber in their housing report clearly demonstrates that affordable housing is a crucial element for economic growth, and we are so pleased to have this endorsement from the Chamber,” she added.

More information about the project can be viewed at; the full South Shore Chamber endorsement can be found at

“The Town of Duxbury strongly believes in diversity of housing throughout our community as evidenced by this project. We are delighted to have the Trust’s and South Shore Habitat for Humanity’s efforts recognized by the South Shore Chamber,” said Diane Bartlett, chair of the Duxbury Affordable Housing Trust. “The Duxbury Affordable Housing Trust enjoys the partnership we have with South Shore Habitat for Humanity, who has done an outstanding job on this development. We hope in the future we will be working with South Shore Habitat for Humanity again,” she added.

The Housing Initiative is a major component of South Shore 2030: Choosing Our Future, a multi-year comprehensive economic and community development effort led by the South Shore Chamber and the South Shore Economic Development Corp. The plan focuses on addressing infrastructure, workforce, housing, leadership and strengthening communities. The Housing initiative calls for more production of housing that will appeal to younger people and help retain older residents looking to downsize. “These townhomes will offer a high quality but affordable living to the Duxbury community, something not as common in this South Shore town,” said Peter Forman, President and CEO of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. “This project meets many of the criteria that we laid out in our Housing Report that was published in the fall of 2017. We look forward to supporting additional projects like this one.”